The Black Belt Podcast

#6: John Hackleman – Physical and Mental Conditioning are the Master Key’s to Performance

March 31, 2022 Sifu Harinder Singh and Black Belt Magazine Season 1 Episode 6
The Black Belt Podcast
#6: John Hackleman – Physical and Mental Conditioning are the Master Key’s to Performance
Show Notes

My Guest this episode is “The Pitmaster” John Hackleman who is one of the most sought-after trainers in MMA history.  He is the founder of the world famous “Pit Martial Arts and Fitness” which is home to UFC Champions Chuck Liddell and Glover Teixeira.  The Pitmaster’s unique approach is catered to children, adults, and professional fighters.  His Hawaiian Kempo curriculum is designed to address school yard bullying, dangerous street assaults, and professional cage fighting.

My Key take away is that “Peak Physical Conditioning Directly Impacts Mental Performance”.  I believe the Pitmaster is a creative genius when it comes to preparing his fighters for world class competition.  His innovative training methods are designed to replicate the pressures and stresses of combat.  In this episode we discuss physical and mental conditioning, what it takes to prepare world class athletes, and how to lead with confidence, loyalty, and humility.

Show Notes  

#6: John Hackleman – Physical and Mental Conditioning are the Master Key’s to Performance
00:00:25 – John “The Pitmaster” Hackleman (@Pit_Master) Introduction and Key Takeaway.
00:02:22 – The Development of the Legendary Left Hook
00:04:03 – How to Get the Best out of Your Fighters and Help Them Develop Their Own Style
00:06:55 – Be a Martial Artist and Not a Partial Artist
00:08:15 – Get out of Your Comfort Zone so you Can Grow and Become Successful
00:11:00 – Can’t Spar your Way into Shape, You have to get Creative Heart Rate Manipulation.
00:12:27 – The Best Way to Mentally Prepare and Peak for a Fight
“The More Physically Prepared you are for the Fight, Your mental preparation goes Up.”
00:20:00 – Teach them to Actively Recover and Make Decisions in Chaos
00:22:04 – There are 4 Priorities on the Bottom, Relax and Protect Yourself, Escape, Attack, You have to find out where you can relax and go to that range.  On the bottom, against the cage, or in long range.  You need to train anaerobic threshold and the ability to bring your heart rate down, and rest in the round, and in between rounds.
00:30:00 – We Have to Practice Adapting vs Compartmentalizing Training
00:32:00 – Drillers Make Killers, Drill to Build Muscle Memory, You can’t disguise repetition, you need to embrace repetition.  Become seamless to the point of no preference. Strike Grapple Conditioning, there should be no preference.
00:34:10 - “Embrace the Repetition and Love the Fact That You are Getting Better At it.”
00:39:34 – Jack of All Trades Master of One or Master Everything(No Preference)
00:52:00 – Hitting People First vs Taking Them Down.
00:57:50 – You need a Moral Compass and an awareness of Violent Offenders.  “If you don’t have a plan for them, they will have a plan for you.”
01:01:30 – The On Guard Open Handed Bladed Stance for Aesthetics and Defense
01:05:00 – The ability to feel what is happening with yourself and the ability to Watch Observe and Read, is paramount to situational awareness.
01:12:36 – What is your perspective on Sport, Street, and Traditional Martial Arts?
01:18:15 - “God put you here fort that.  So, you owe it to the people weather you want to do it or not. -- “Tony Robbins
01:19:12 – As Martial Arts Instructors we are in the Business of Courage, Confidence, and Clarity.
01:22:10 – “Confidence saved me.  I was bullied and scared before martial arts.” – Pitmaster
01:24:00 – Everyone on my team is a part of my Hawaiian Kempo Belt System and must follow a Code of Conduct.
01:28:20 – What’s the Difference between Chaos and Peace? Peace is a Choice in Chaos.
01:32:20 – You have to run a successful business to be able to influence more people.
01:41:50 – “I’m going to protect the community, my business, and my family.”-- Pitmaster
01:48:00 – What Does a Black Belt Mean To You?