The Black Belt Podcast

#1: Michael Jai White – Martial Arts is About Overcoming Yourself

December 23, 2021 Black Belt Magazine Season 1 Episode 1
The Black Belt Podcast
#1: Michael Jai White – Martial Arts is About Overcoming Yourself
Show Notes

“Respect Needs to Go Around for Every Martial Art.  We can learn Something from everyone.”    -Michael Jai White 

 My guest this episode is Michael Jai White, a highly trained martial artist & actor.  Michael has broken barriers as a Hollywood star and is an International Box office sensation. He is a national martial arts champion, a special education teacher, and a Black Belt under the legendary Bill “Superfoot” Wallace.  He was awarded Black Belt Magazines, 2015 Man of the Year.
This episode is filled with golden nuggets.  My key take away is all about the philosophy of looking to get better every time you train. Michael’s “growth minded” approach allows him to keep an empty cup as he seeks out the best martial artists on the planet to test himself against and to be exposed to their methods.  Because Martial Arts is not about fighting, it’s not about dominating your opponent, but about overcoming yourself.

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Show Notes

#1 - Michael Jai White – Martial Arts is About Overcoming Yourself

00:00:29 – Michael Jai White(@officialmichaeljai) Introduction and Key Takeaway 

00:01:39 – Goal of The Black Belt Podcast

00:02:08 – How do Martial Arts become a Way of Life?

00:05:56 – The gift of Traditional Martial Arts

00:11:22 – Tai Chi is the most Beneficial Martial Art on the Planet

00:12:01 – “Respect needs to go around for Every Art. We can learn something from Everyone”-Michael Jai White

00:16:47 – A Philosophy for becoming a Better Fighter

00:24:56 – In Combatives the Mindset is Paramount – You must overcome yourself

00:29:15 – From Forms to Fighting

00:31:09 – Bridging the Gap between Traditional Martial Arts and Fighting in the Ring

00:40:20 – Who’s the Baddest Man?

00:45:10 – First thing in Self Defense

00:50:45 – The Psychology of a Predator

00:55:28 – Michael Jai White used to be a School Teacher

01:01:27 – “Bill Wallace is my Martial Art Dad” – Michael Jai White

01:03:36 – The importance of Deception and Hiding Techniques

01:08:23 – Developing a Legitimate Weapon

01:10:28 – Shout Out to Jackson Wink in Albuquerque, @jacksonwink_mma

01:11:24 – On Sparring Jon “Bones” Jones, @jonnybones

01:13:00 – Conor McGregor’s Ability to Re-Adjust to the Target @thenotoriousmma

01:14:20 – GSP(@georgesstpierre), Israel Adesanya(@stylebender), and Anderson Silva(@spiderandersonsilva) are Masters of Time and Space

01:16:18 – Bulging Muscles vs Masterful Skill

01:17:44 – Is Watching, Observing and Reading your opponent the Master Key to Fighting?

1:20:51 – Not enough Focus on Defense

1:21:53 – How does one develop the Fighters Eye and Fight IQ?

1:29:48 – “Know Yourself and Know Your Enemy” – Sun Tzu

1:30:46 – How Do You Truly Find Out Who You Are?

1:40:31 – The need for Security, Control and Approval robs us of our Happiness

1:44:57 – What does a Black Belt Mean to Michael Jai White?

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