The Black Belt Podcast

#2: Jocko Willink – Detachment from Emotions is the Master Key to Success

December 23, 2021 Black Belt Magazine Season 1 Episode 2
The Black Belt Podcast
#2: Jocko Willink – Detachment from Emotions is the Master Key to Success
Show Notes

“You are going to die.  Accept Death, but move forward in life, and do everything you can to make it a good life” – Jocko Willink

 My guest this episode is Jocko Willink a former Navy Seal Commander & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt. He led Seal Teams in the battle for Ramadi during the Iraq war and was honored with the Silver and Bronze Star.  Jocko is a Best-Selling Author and the host of the successful Jocko Podcast.

This episode is filled with leadership wisdom from first-hand experience in life and death situations.  I consider Jocko Willink to be the Modern Miyamoto Musashi and my key take away is that Detachment from Emotions is the essential element to Success in Leadership and in Life.  Emotions cloud our judgement, make us reactionary, and lead to panic, stress, fear and anxiety.  In this episode Jocko details a step by step method to stay calm, not get caught up in emotions, and make better choices.

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Show Notes 

#2: Jocko Willink – Detachment From Emotions is The Master Key to Success

 00:00:29 – Jocko Willink(@jockowillink) Introduction and Key Takeaway 

00:01:38 – Miyamoto Musashi’s Early Influence on Jocko 

00:02:55 – Most Valuable Teaching = Step Back, Detach and Don’t Get Caught Up in Emotions

00:06:00 – Jocko’s Morning Routine

00:07:28 – What is Extreme Ownership?

00:08:48 – Humility is the Key to Leadership

00:09:35 – Jiu Jitsu will Humble You

00:12:08 – The Ego does not like to be Uncomfortable

00:12:40 – “Make Yourself Comfortable in Uncomfortable Situations” – Rickson Gracie, @ricksongraciejj

00:13:18 – Overcoming Discomfort by Moving Towards It

00:15:22 – “BUDS was Fun” – Jocko Willink

00:16:50 – How do You Discover Your Purpose?

00:17:28 – Balance is Essential to Leadership and Martial Arts

00:19:10 – How do You Teach People to Find Balance?

00:20:20 – How to Manage Emotions and Make Smarter Choices in Chaos

00:23:36 – Advice for Martial Arts School Owners During Pandemic

00:24:25 – Be The Watcher and See The Bigger Picture

00:25:58 – How do You Get Out of Your Head and Into the Flow State?

00:27:25 – An Open Mind is Essential for Growth in Martial Arts

00:28:10 – Why are some Martial Artists not willing to be Open and Evolve?

00:32:05 – How to Find the Best Training Partners for Growth

00:33:00 – The Pyramid Structure of a Martial Arts School

00:33:50 – Martial Artists are Teachers, Technicians, Fighters and Have an X-Factor

00:35:36 – What is the Fighter of the Future Look Like?

00:37:36 – The Importance of the Ability to Be Like Water and Transition in Martial Arts

00:39:30 – Success = Escaping in Transitions and Knowing When to Abandon Positions

00:40:50 – Masters Can See the Future and Know What You Are Going to Do

00:45:14 – Death Teaches Us That Life is Important. Accept Death and Live a Good Life

00:47:19 – Acceptance of Death Allows You to Let Go and Focus on Your Job

00:48:32 – Overcoming Real FEAR vs Projected FEAR

00:50:00 – How Do You Express Yourself Honestly?

00:51:55 – Jocko’s Message to Martial Artists  – “Stay HUMBLE”

00:52:52 – “If You Know The Way Broadly, You See It In All Things” – Musashi

00:53:22 – Jiu Jitsu’s Influence on The Battlefield, In Leadership, and Life

00:55:08 – Sun Tzu’s Art of War - “Know Yourself & Know Your Enemy”

00:55:56 – What Does A Black Belt Mean to Jocko Willink?

00:57:45 – How To Find Jocko Willink, Victory MMA in San Diego California @jockowillink, Jocko Podcast, Origin Maine Jiu Jitsu Gi Company